Tender: The Tinder For People Whose True Love Is Food

Calling all members of the human race who spend far too much time on the Tinder app! Pull on your most fabulous oven mitts and sexiest aprons, there is an app far more important and certainly more precious in the vast abyss that is the Apple App Store. It’s called Tender, and quite frankly, it’s the most important app to come out as of late.

Like Tinder, minus the human beings, Tender allows you to swipe through various pictures of food until you come across one that you like. You can set a filter so you only come across the types of foods you’re in the mood for. Upon swiping right, the app provides you with a recipe so you can cook the meal or dessert presented in the image.

Most importantly, if you accidentally swipe left on an image, Tender allows you to go back to the photo for free. None of this “pay-to-undo” nonsense that Tinder has. Honestly? It can’t get any better than this.

Food will never let you down or disappoint you. The food baby is temporary. A human, on the other hand, well…

That’s one heck of an 18+ year commitment.

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