Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert's Split Explained By Their Own Lyrics

Since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s recent divorce, speculation surrounding the cause of the split has ensued. Let’s just say the parting of ways between the two has many thinking their dramatic country lyrics are finally coming to life.
The shocking and sudden separation is grounds to make some believe there’s more than just irreconcilable differences.
Many reports have said that Lambert cheated on her husband of four years with another country singer and friend of the couple, Chris Young. But Young denied these allegations via Twitter earlier today.
“I don’t normally address gossip but in this case I will.. My name has been mentioned as a contributing factor in Blake and Miranda’s divorce. That is totally FALSE. They are both my friends and I would not betray that friendship. Just wanted to clear that up.”
Other sources like TMZ are reporting that Shelton realized Lambert had been unfaithful, and filed for divorce as a result. Some have also said that Shelton has done his fair share of cheating as well.
Regardless of what happened, by looking at the lyrics the two have written over the years, it’s clear there was definite turmoil in their relationship. Maybe we can finally come to a conclusion about the reason for the couple made in country heaven splitting and crushing the optimistic hearts of many.

1. “Lonely Tonight” – Blake Shelton

“Nothing on TV, nothing on TV, nothing to do/ Nothing to keep my mind off of you and me/ And the way it was/ Are you thinking ‘bout it now because…”
WHERE ARE YOU MIRANDA? Blake has been watching the Nutri Bullet infomercial for four hours now!

2. “I Can’t Be Bothered”- Miranda Lambert

“I can’t be bothered to miss you anymore/ Month twelve, day thirty-one and hour twenty-four/ I used to think if I missed hard enough you’d come back for/ I can’t be bothered to miss you anymore.”
She has literally counted down to the hour regarding how many days she has missed you, Blake. And she wasn’t even using a stop watch.

3. “I Need My Girl” – Blake Shelton

“I just need my girl/ Like I never needed anything before/ Like my life depends on you walking through that door/ I need you, girl/ Oh, I need you, girl.”
Blake just sang that whole verse to a pizza delivery man because he thought it was Miranda opening the door.

4. “Easy From Now On” – Miranda Lambert

“There he goes gone again/ Same old story’s gotta come to an end/ Lovin’ him was a one way street/ But I’m gettin’ off where the crossroads meet.”
I understand Miranda, I’d be mad too if my husband went to my favorite restaurant without me and didn’t even save sweet potato fry leftovers.

5. “She Don’t Love Me” – Blake Shelton

“You know if I’d seen her comin’/ I’d probably tried to hide/ But I came around the corner/ And she caught me by surprise.”
Oh, now I get it. Blake is just salty that he lost to Miranda in a game of hide and seek and now they’re getting a divorce. Man, what a sore loser.

6. “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” – Miranda Lambert

“Well those pretty girls they’re all the same/ But they’re damn well gonna know my name/ I’m a crazy ex-girlfriend.”
Recommendation for any woman who goes on a date with Blake: learn how to box and keep pepper spray close at all times.
Well, it’s safe to say we resolved some questions here about the devastating breakup. Who’s ready for the heartbreak songs?

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