Ed Sheeran & Bruno Mars Respond To The Minaj-Swift Twitter "Beef"

The alleged “beef” that Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift currently have has left Video of the Year nominees Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars feeling left out in an odd turn of events. In response to said “beef,” Bruno Mars jokingly tweeted at Ed Sheeran in hopes to “start” something. Mars makes a terrible “Sheeran” pun and Sheeran loads his Twitter quips with “dat” and “dis.” It’s all in good fun until you recognize that Bruno Mars completely missed the point about Minaj’s tweets.
Minaj highlighted that the media only cares for white, skinny women as demonstrated in her tweet yesterday:

This part of Minaj’s conversation seems to be completely missing from the “beef” that Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran were starting. It only raises the question as to why Mars thought it was appropriate to poke fun at something that is a genuine issue in our society. Minaj is entirely right: black women influence pop culture in immeasurable ways—they should be recognized for it. It certainly shouldn’t be joked about by two major musicians.
The conversation she has started is invaluable. Well done, Ms. Minaj.

[Lead image via Cosmopolitan]

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