Kristin Cavallari Is The Spokesperson For The Worst Accessory (Next To The Bump It)

We all secretly respected Kristin Cavallari on her teenage bad girl days of being on Laguna Beach, but what’s she up to now? Her latest cameo seems to be something pretty unexpected and simultaneously pretty mortifying. Ever heard of “Secret Bangs”? Neither did we, but Cavallari is trying to sell them via Youtube video.
That’s right, for just $19.99, you can have your very own set of heinous fake plastic bangs without even having to embarrass yourself by getting a permanent appalling haircut! What a deal. “Bangs without commitment” might have sounded like every middle schooler’s dream, but we’re severely unsure how we feel about it now. I guess if you have a ridiculously huge forehead and want a quick fix to cover it up, today is your day to get some Secret Bangs.
Kristin does a pretty solid job of letting us know how unsightly she looks with bangs as well as showing us that this clip-on bang set can also be turned around to add height to your hair. I guess it additionally¬†works like a Bump It, but leaves you looking a little bit more like you’re balding.
We’re wondering how much they paid each trial victim of this worthless product at the Costco they probably filmed this infomercial at, but our guess is that it probably wasn’t enough. Safe to say, we will have to take a hard pass on purchasing a pair of Secret Bangs today.

Watch Cavallari’s Secret Bangs Video here:


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