Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Had An Interesting Twitter Feud Over The MTV VMAs

[Image via CNN]
Last night, Twitter completely went off because of Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift…but not in the good way. As many of you may know, Nicki Minaj clearly expressed her disappointment over her video, “Anaconda,” being brushed off for the MTV VMA 2015 nominations for Best Choreography and Video of the Year.
In the middle of Nicki’s Twitter rant, Nicki Minaj was expressing her opinions on the MTV’s celebration of “women with very slim bodies” and not really acknowledging the impact of African-American women in the media culture.
Out of nowhere, Taylor Swift decided to step in and speak on her tweet, although no one ever really asked her to do so, because she, for some reason, took this personally. Swift continued to miss Minaj’s point in expressing that she wanted Nicki to join her on the VMA stage if she won the Video of the Year award.
Much of Twitter came to Minaj’s defense during the whole feud. What a lot of people were noticing, when it came to the coverage of what was going on Twitter between the two artists, was that the media was vilifying Minaj for expressing her views on the media, making her out to be angry and crazy. Meanwhile, Swift continually gets praised for speaking out about how she believes the music industry’s being unfair. It seemed, to them, that Swift was diverting the attention away from what Minaj’s point and trying to making this topic on her.
Here are some of the tweets between the two celebs and social media’s responses to the whole thing.

In my opinion, Taylor Swift completely missed the point of what Nicki was trying to express on her Twitter musings. I feel that what she was really trying to say was that a lot of African-American artists have been making a lot of notable milestones in media and have exceeded expectations in terms of what their influence in pop culture. A lot of the things that African-American artists are doing in the media has gained enough power to create movements, but clearly mainstream media doesn’t seem to care much at all about that.
I think that she just feels that this success seems to be overshadowed repeatedly by a lot of mainstream white artists, and it’s something that is just unfair. It is quite ironic because African-American artists and white artists are practically doing the same things as far as their impact, but they still are not getting the credit that they’re due. This is something that is very real that’s going on in the media that not a lot of people are paying attention to. I completely agree with Nicki Minaj on this topic.
We’ll just have to wait till August to see how this all pans out between these two.

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