10 Ideas For Building Your Friend A DIY College Survival Kit

This post is sponsored by Target, the one-stop shop for all your back to college needs!
Back to college shopping can go one of two ways – either you absolutely adore picking out fresh notebooks and browsing room decor, or you absolutely dread running from store to store trying to remember what exactly you need. Luckily, Target has everything a college student could need so the process will be quick and painless (and even pretty fun).
However, even the most organized college student might forget an essential or two when they ship off to campus. If your bestie or sister is heading back to college, surprise her with a college survival kit filled with vital things she might need during those all-nighters and homesick phases. From her favorite snacks to an energy boost, this DIY basket will have her dorm buddies jealous and remind her of you! Get creative with personal touches that you know your bff will love, but get started with some of these suggestions that every college student needs in her room.

1. Red Bull

For those days when you have a group project, three classes, and an exam the next day.

2. Ear Plugs

Those dorms can get pretty rowdy. When your bff needs a good night’s rest before an exam, she’ll be more than grateful that you popped these in your care package.

3. Sleeping Mask

Even if she loves her roommate, she’ll love her more if late night study sessions don’t keep her up. (This is also crucial for those afternoon naps in between classes.)

4. Weekly Planner

I would have been lost in college without my planner. From class project due dates to club meetings, it was all in there. If she doesn’t have one already, this is a must-have.

5. Easy Mac

When the dining hall is closed and there isn’t enough money in your bank account for delivery, these microwavable snacks are a life saver.

6. Post-Its

These little sticky notes come in handy. When she needs to leave her roomie a note or needs a reminder to pick up that study guide from her friend’s room, these will be all over her room.

7. Extra Notebook

This will never go to waste in college, even if it just turns into a doodle book for those boring intro classes.

8. Extra Pens

You’d be shocked how quickly you lose your initial stash of pens. Gift your pal with some extras so she can lend some out to classmates all semester long.

9. Tide To Go Pen

Without mom around to get those stains out, this will be a necessity…especially when you spill coffee on your shirt right before a class presentation worth 30% of your grade.

10. Magazine

She might need a break from her textbooks once in a while. Grab her favorite magazine while you’re in the check out line so she can read up on fashion tips and celeb gossip while catching some sun out on the quad.
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