40 Things You'll Do In College & Regret In Your 40's

My motto is “A life of ‘oh well’s’ is better than a life of ‘what if’s.'” Mistakes are part of growing up. You’re supposed to take too many shots and spend the next day with a killer hangover or date the wrong guy and have your heartbroken. However, there are some things you’ll do during college that aren’t just mistakes you’ll quickly get over with a nap…they come back to bite you later.
Keep these things in mind so Future You you can say you truly lived a life with no ragrets (not even one letter).

1. Delete photos because your makeup wasn’t perfect or your arm looked fat.

2. Pass on any opportunities to travel.

3. Forego sunscreen in an effort to get tan.

4. Fall asleep and use Google translator in all your language courses.

5. Stay in a bad relationship for way too long trying to “make it work.”

6. Not call your parents.

7. Not call your grandparents.

8. Not ask your grandparents for life advice.

9. Skip the gym every day until it’s the month before a spring break vacation.

10. Stay at a job that makes you miserable.

11. Hold grudges with friends or family members.

12. Neglect to floss.

13. That meaningless butterfly tattoo you got when you were wasted.

14. Over-dye and straighten your hair.

15. Choose pursuing guys over time with friends.

16. Charge that $400 Michael Kors bag and worry about the payments later.

17. Not remain in contact with co-workers and internship advisors.

18. Smoke cigarettes.

19. Be too busy to enjoy life.

20. Spend years getting over a relationship.

21. Give up too easily.

22. Blame others when things don’t turn out the way you had hoped.

23. “It feels better without a condom” sex.

24. Not dream big enough.

25. Waste your very expensive education by coasting and never actually learning anything.

26. Settle down too soon.

27. Sweat the small stuff.

28. Be unkind to that guy who really liked you because you didn’t like him “like that.”

29. Not save money.

30. Make a sex tape.

31. Never leave your hometown.

32. Care so much about what everyone else thinks of you.

33. Not say “I love you” often enough (especially to your family).

34. Pass on a night out or cool activity because you’re tired.

35. Never give the “nice guy” a chance.

36. Skip a party because you only know a couple people there.

37. Not take more calculated risks.

38. Try to outrun the cops

39. Be lazy.

40. Not seeing how awesome, unique, and beautiful you truly are.

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