Why Cancers Are The Most Interesting Sign To Date

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date Luke Bryan, Ariana Grande, Tom Cruise, or Selena Gomez? These are all people born between the days of June 21st to July 22nd, which would classify them as cancers! So why would they make great partners in relationships?
Cancers are the most feminine out of all the twelve signs. That means Cancer women make good, ideal mothers. They are kindhearted, sympathetic, and generous to a fault. Also, Cancer women are especially capable of displaying tenderness, consideration, and sympathy. If you are looking for a long term relationship that might turn into a family in the future, you can definitely count on a Cancer woman.
Cancers are true romantics at heart. They are determined which enables them to become successful if they don’t give up, especially in a romantic relationship. They are devoted to their families, love to travel, and enjoy good company with others. They love comfort, luxury, and the sea air (naturally)!
They can also be extremely sensitive. Some can be fickle, unpredictable, and difficult to understand at times. Power over others is a strong characteristic for cancers too. They  can be demanding, stubborn, and resent constructive criticism. Also, they tend to be quiet, dislike haste, and are nostalgic which can tend to slow their progress. Be careful with what to say to a Cancer, because they might not hear you out and go back into their shell.
However, Cancers are interested in bettering mankind and are moved by human suffering. Cancers will donate their time and money into philanthropy and charity. They are truly good hearted people! Also, Cancers are gifted and talented people. They have a natural gift for music and dramatic art.
They also can be the most attractive in physical appearance. Cancers usually have broad shoulders, round, pleasing faces, delicate features, and light eyes. Women tend to be on the light side in hair color, while men have darker hair color. Cancers also have the most different characteristics between sexes than any other zodiac sign. Women tend to be more talkative and witty while men are silent, dignified, and reserved. Cancer men are more agreeable than women, display less affection, and will listen more patiently to reason. Also, they are great savers in financial affairs, daring, brave, and endure many hardships in life.
They possess many lovable and commendable traits which enable them to become prosperous. They are good-hearted people and want to do the right thing. Even though they can sometimes be sensitive to other people, cancers can be very good partners in relationships and are determined to see it succeed.

To learn more about different zodiac signs, pick up a copy of the book The Zodiac and Its Mysteries by Professor A.F. Seward.

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