Kaley Cuoco Reunited With Her Siblings From ‘8 Simple Rules’

8 Simple Rules might be best known as the show actor John Ritter was on when he passed away. After Ritter was experiencing discomfort during a show rehearsal during the second season, crew members took him to a nearby hospital, where he suddenly died that night following a misdiagnosis of a heart attack. Bravely, the show dealt with the death of his character as a father in a very real way. The show was always funny, but never quite the same after that.

That’s why it’s so comforting to see that the young actors on the show remain friendly. This week, Bridget Hennessy herself (Kaley Cuoco) posted this picture reunited with her 8 Simple Rules siblings, Kerry (Amy Davidson) and Rory (Martin Spanjers).

The three got together to mark the one year anniversary of the passing of actor James Garner, who took on the role of their grandad on the sitcom after the sudden death of Ritter.

Is someone cutting onions in here or…?

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