Cult-Classic 'Wet Hot American Summer' Gets Reboot Netflix Miniseries

In case you haven’t already heard, the 2001 cult-classic film Wet Hot American Summer is set to have its prequel Netflix series, “Wet Hot American Summer, First Day of Camp” premier in just a few days on July 31st. If you haven’t already seen the star-studded comedy, we highly suggest doing so now (availabe on Netflix).
It’s a great movie, even if you don’t like outlandish, whacky and overly silly comedies such as this one, since the original cast (all who have somehow magically agreed to return for the Netflix series reboot) alone makes it worth watching… which, by the way, includes (deep breath):

  • Amy Poehler
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Paul Rudd
  • Molly Shannon
  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Janeane Garofalo
  • Michael Ian Black
  • Michael Showalter
  • Christopher Meloni
  • Marguerite Moreau
  • David Hyde Pierce

Take a look through the gallery to see some of the star cast, then & now:

It’s interesting to see just how many stars were in this movie, espeically when you consider thelevel of acclaim and fame so many have reached since then.
The 8-episode-miniseries will take place during the same summer as in the original movie– which is hilarious seeing as in the movie all these stars were already 10 years too old to be playing the characters they were casted as, but still somehow managed to pull it off, and are now 10 years older but technically playing even younger versions of the characters.
As Poehler told EW, “It’s just the right amount of dirty and weird.”
In the 15 years since the orginial movie hit screens, it has gained a considerable fan following, which could be why this Netflix series has attracted so many additional well-known names to its cast to join the originals at Camp Firewood, including:

And… we could go on. But instead, we’ll just let you watch the trailer here, which makes you get a very good idea of just how hilarious, entertaining and filled-with-endless-celebrities this series will be!
[Gallery images: USAFilms, Netflix]

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