Scott Disick Caught Kissing Girl at Club [PICS]

In the wake of splitting with Kourtney Kardashian, partner of over a decade and mother to his 3 children, after pictures surfaced of him on vacation with his rumored ex-girlfriend, Scott Disick doesn’t seem to be making any big changes to get back on Kourney’s good graces.

After going on the ‘bender of [his life]’ the past few weeks, Disick has been seen the past few days making his usual club appearances– probably not a good idea since he has been in and out of rehab, and his partying is what largely contributed to the couple’s split in the first place. He also got some negative attention when a clad of models were seen going into his Hollywood apartment, which he justified by saying they were only there to shoot a music video.

Now, Disick is going to have a whole new sh*t storm to deal with. This weekened the 32-year-old reality star was seen kissing a mystery girl (pics below) at a Las Vegas club appearance before fleeing to… Canada(?!)… for another club party.

While, technically, Disick is now a single man and free to do whatever, or, ahem, whoever, he wants, this isn’t a very good look. Especially considering these pictures are surfacing after he told reporters at his Las Vegas appearance on July 24th that he was trying to make things better by just taking things “one day at a time.” Get it together, man.

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