10 Things Rising Seniors Are Tired Of Hearing

The summer between junior and senior years of college are complicated. On the one hand, they’re amazing: You’re finally 21, you have a good sense of what goes on on campus, you’re probably spending the summer doing something cool (as opposed to hanging out at your parents’ house like you did the summer after freshman year) and you know that the year ahead is sure to be super exciting.
On the other hand, the summer before senior year is colored with¬†impending doom. You know your time in college is finite and rapidly coming to a close….and everyone around you knows it, too. Behold: The things almost-seniors hear way too often.

1. “The real world sucks.”

You’ve watched enough movie to know that entry-level jobs and entry-level apartments are struggling. You don’t need to be reminded of it every damn day.

2. “You’re going to miss college soooo much.”

Are you psychic or something? How do you what’s going to happen in my head in the future?

3. “Finding a job is really hard these days.”

Bitch, don’t kill my vibe.

4. “You like, really need to have a game plan for after graduation.”

Actually, my only game plan involves where I’m raging tonight.

5. “Everything goes downhill after college.”


6. “You’ll understand once you’re out of college.”

Tell me, how much wisdom have you acquired in your six months out of school?

7. “You should add another major!”

Girl, bye.

8. “Did you buy a graduation dress yet?!?!?”

No, but I did buy a really cute crop top for tonight, wanna see?

9. “You HAVE to make a senior year bucket list.”

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

10. “What are you plans postgrad?”

What will be will be.
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