Find Out Why 'Neighbors 2' Will Be Even Greater Than The Original

There’s nothing better than a classic college movie. In 2013, we were #blessed with Neighbors, a movie that we loved because it was about everything we love: partying, comedy, and Zac Efron. It’s no surprised that a sequel was announced when the film raked in a $268 million profit on an $18 million budget, but with new details about the plot released, we really can’t wait for this. According to Cinema Blend, the sequel is set for release next summer and will be called Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Is anyone shocked? Not really. But if Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne’s characters thought living next to a frat house was bad, anyone who has seen Mean Girls should know that living next to a bunch of sorority girls is going to be even worse. Fear not, Zefron fans – Zac will be back. In fact, Rogan and Bryrne’s characters will be calling on their former rival for help in taking the strat down. As long as his shirt is off for a few minutes, we’re in. No word on if Dave Franco’s beautiful face will return as Zac’s sidekick, but Chloe Moretz has been cast in a major role in the film, probably as the leader of the sorority house causing problems. House movie night, anyone? [Lead image via]