Resolutions For The New School Year

Do you ever get that feeling when you leave school for the summer that there are still things you never got to accomplish? Summer is the perfect time to remember those semi-distant dreams. Whether it is your first or perhaps your last semester at school, there’s no limit as to the things you can accomplish.
Let’s start with the college student who is just beginning. You got accepted to the school you’ve been dreaming of going to for the past few months, and you are getting your college checklist out to make sure you get everything done before you leave. But what about when you get there? Definitely make sure to find your niche. If you want to try something different you never got around to in high school, now is the perfect time. Make some friends in your classes and clubs because these friends can last you the rest of your years in college. Take your classes and your time management seriously, because the first semester will shape how you handle the next four years. Make sure you put the extra effort into your grades. And always be open to new experiences.
Now for the in-between college students. If you’ve been doing what you love to do, then keep doing it. However, there’s still time to try something new out. Study abroad if you’ve always thought about traveling. If you’ve been in a club for the past year or two, try to take some leadership roles when an opportunity presents itself. Try to get a job either at your school or a possible outside internship to help you pass the time. Become more involved in things associated with your major, such as an honor society or professional association. Take this time to build up your resume, because when you’re close to graduating you will be happy you did.
And then there are the college students are are ready to graduate. Don’t get senioritis just yet! This is when prospective companies look at you the most. They want to see that you are a well-rounded individual, who is goal oriented, proactive, and determined. Show them your best, and not those drunk pictures on your social media! Make some business cards, a portfolio website, and go to networking events. Clean up your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Attend some job fairs with your friends and look like you’re serious! And in your spare time, take some time to enjoy these last few memories with your friends and the place where you grew into your own individual. Look forward to new beginnings instead of old endings.

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