The Feud Continues: Taylor Swift Threw Major Shade At Katy Perry During "Bad Blood" Performance

*Ding Ding* We present the next round of the never-ending Katy Perry versus Taylor Swift feud.
Although the two pop stars used to be friends, Katy Perry and T. Swift have been going at it for a while now. They rumor mills says Katy stole backup dancers from Taylor, but unless she kidnapped them from Taylor’s tour bus, we’re pretty sure this is a lame excuse.
Last week, Katy got in the middle of the Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift VMA drama with a tweet directed at Taylor, proving the hate is still brewing.

Swift’s hit song “Bad Blood” is said to be about her beef with Katy, and if we had any questions about that before, it’s pretty clear now. Taylor decided to bring out a special guest while performing “Bad Blood” in Foxborough, MA over the weekend.

Catch that? Here it is from another fan video.

Yup, that would be a not-so-subtle dig at Katy Perry’s left shark from her Superbowl Halftime performance this year.
left shark katy perry gif
Time to let this go, girls. You’re both pretty.

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