Artists To Watch: Lollapalooza 2015 Webstream

Earlier this week, a small sample of artists from Lollapalooza’s immense 2015 lineup was announced to be streamed via Red Bull TV for those who cannot attend the grand Chicago music festival this weekend. Today, the full web-stream schedule has been released and my, oh, my, is it substantial. With three channels of an array of music genres—with each Red Bull TV channel replaying performances throughout the day—there is no excuse for not discovering a new band or missing a performance this weekend.
I, quite frankly, will have the Red Bull TV app running all weekend. Join me in alienating your friends and family in the name of music and art.
If you are, however, overwhelmed by all the names on the web-stream schedule, I’m going to make it easy for you. From each individual day, I will recommend five artists to tune into and stream this weekend. (Yes, you can skip Alabama Shakes.)

Day One: July 31

1. Hot Chip (Channel One)

Hot Chip is a band that mixes the worlds of dance music and indie rock into one cool track. Beginning in 2000 with their debut EP, Mexico, the London group has been active ever since. Alexis Taylor, with an unconventional singing style, blends his voice effortlessly with Hot Chip’s electronic beats—so well, in fact, that you will demand that more people sing like this (or, you know, you could just listen to Hot Chip’s entire discography). It’s all about the contrast of the aggressive electronic music with an exposed, emotional vocal line.
Web-stream time: 6:00 pm, 12:35 am, 9:45 am.
Essential Tracks: “Huarache Lights” and “One Life Stand.”

2. The War on Drugs (Channel One)

The War on Drugs has nothing to do with the actual War on Drugs—I thought I would make that clear from the get-go.
Philadelphia indie rockers came together in 2005 over a shared love of music. In 2008, their debut album, Wagonwheel Blues, was released. Put it this way: after annihilating your ears (in the best way possible) listening to Hot Chip, you need to aurally calm down. The War on Drugs is here to help.
Web-stream times: 7:00 pm, 1:35 am, 10:45 am.
Essential Tracks: “Red Eyes” and “Baby Missiles.”

3. Glass Animals (Channel One)

Glass Animals is an Oxford-based band of childhood friends. There’s no other way to describe their music other than trippy, chill-electronica. The vocals are dreamy to the point where when you’re dancing, you might fall asleep—and that’s not an insult. Glass Animals’ tracks are legitimately hypnotizing.
Web-stream time: 3:15 pm.
Essential Tracks: “Gooey” and “Walla Walla.”

4. MS MR (Channel Two)

MS MR is a New York-based group who mixes “chillwave” tracks with pop choral explosions. There is never a dull moment with this group. The amount of power this group wields makes you think that they’re the size of Arcade Fire—but there are only two of them. How they do it, I will have no idea. Keep on rockin’, though.
Web-stream time: 7:15, 3:35 am, 10:50 am.
Essential Tracks: “Hurricane” and “Leave Me Alone.”

Day Two: August 1

1. Django Django (Channel One)

I don’t think I’ll ever understand Django Django fully, but that’s okay. Django Django formed officially in in Dalston, London in 2009—their debut album was released in the beginning of 2012. Django Django is a psychedelic group with pop-music tendencies (no reason to be afraid of pop music, my friends). Think of them this way: a watered down Animal Collective except, they’re actually good.
Web-stream times: 4:00 pm, 12:35 am, 7:50 am.
Essential Tracks: “Default” and “Life’s A Beach”

2. Walk The Moon (Channel One)

The general populace (yes, that’s you) knows about Walk The Moon. If you don’t: I’m very curious as to what rock you have been living under.
Walk The Moon was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 2000s, releasing their debut album, I Want! I Want!, in 2012. Each song this band produces is full of spirit and pop music aggression (the best kind of aggression, if you ask me) that demands you dance. Tracks by Walk The Moon do not care if you think you can’t dance. If you’re not dancing, don’t even bother with this group.
Question: How do you “walk the moon?”
Web-stream times: 8:00 pm, 3:20 am, 10:35 am.
Essential Tracks: “Anna Sun” and “Shut Up and Dance”

3. Delta Spirit (Channel Two)

Delta Spirit is a group that is indie rock with a dash of country in the mix. The band began to come together when the emo-band, Noise Ratchet, disbanded in 2004. Seeking a much more natural sound, in 2006, Delta Spirit released their debut EP, I Think I’ve Found It.
Kick back and relax when you’re watching the livestream of Delta Spirit. You want to dance? You can do that, too. Delta Spirit is versatile for both viewing-styles this weekend.
Web-stream times: 7:00 pm, 3:20 am, 8:55 am, 1:30 pm.
Essential Tracks: “California” and “Live On.”

4. HOLYCHILD (Channel One)

Describing their genre as “brat pop” (can we please stop inventing new genres every three seconds, indie world?), HOLYCHILD is an indie pop group from Los Angeles, California, that formed in 2012 at George Washing University in Washington, D.C..
HOLYCHILD is all about having fun. With drum that mimic the style of a marching band and sassy vocals from Liz Nistico, you’ll be shaking your head and singing along in no time.
Web-stream times: 3:15 pm, 11:50 pm, 7:05 am.
Essential Tracks: “Happy With Me” and “Money All Around.”

Day Three: August 2

1. Night Terrors of 1927 (Channel One)

Yet another band from Los Angeles, California! Night Terrors of 1927 is an alternative-pop group that creates anthemic tracks like it’s nothing. While the lead singer does sound like most (read: every) alternative group coming out these days, it doesn’t mean that this band isn’t talented. If you remember the emo scene of the early noughties, Gorbel’s voice will evoke memories of those exposed, emotional vocal styles of those bands.
I had the pleasure to see these guys open up for Bleachers back in April. They are definitely a band to watch. Incredible performers.
Web-stream times: 3:05 pm, 11:25 pm, 5:25 am.
Essential Tracks: “Always Take You Back” and “It Would Be An Honor.”

2. George Ezra (Channel Two)

George Ezra broke into the music scene with his track, “Budapest,” in 2013. The Bristol-based singer and songwriter has a warm, deep voice that is immensely unique compared to the other artists in the Lollapalooza lineup. In 2015, his debut record, Wanted On Voyage, was released to critical acclaim.
George Ezra’s music is perfect for summer evenings with a collection of your friends. Turn up his soulful folk music and enjoy the remaining bits of your summer.
Web-stream times: 4:45 pm, 1:05 am, 8:25 am.
Essential Tracks: “Budapest” and “Barcelona.”

3. Marina & The Diamonds (Channel Two)

Marina & The Diamonds is unapologetic happy pop music. Diamandis’ voice is strong and has an incredible range of vocals and styles. Marina & The Diamonds released their debut album back in 2010, but did not see immense success until their sophomore record, Electra Heart.
Interested in showing off your fabulous dance moves to your neighbors? Tune into Marina & The Diamonds this weekend.
Look! Another woman in music! Woo hoo!
Web-stream times: 5:30 pm, 1:50 am, 9:10 am.
Essential Tracks: “I Am Not A Robot” and “How To Be A Heartbreaker.”

4. TV on the Radio (Channel Two)

In 2001, Brooklyn-based musicians came together to create TV On The Radio. In 2004, the band released their debut album, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. Mixing elements of rock, pop and electronica, TV On The Radio has one of the most unique sounds in the indie/experimental scene today. With a range of different styles and emotions, you can certainly find a song you’ll enjoy this weekend.
Web-stream time: 8:30 pm.
Essential Tracks: “Happy Idiot” and “Second Song.”
Listen to the essential tracks via Spotify below.
[spotify id=”spotify:user:122980118:playlist:7k5kWfvbwuarA1FXmr75g4″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]
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