This Scary Infographic Shows How Coca-Cola Can Destroy Your Body In A Matter Of Time

Former UK pharmacist and Indian scientist Niraj Naik shared some scary information about the harmful effects of Coca-Cola on his blog Truth Theory. Although 1.6 billion servings are consumed everyday throughout the world, most soda drinkers are unaware that they are harming their bodies when they reach for a can of Coke. Here is an interesting infographic describing what happens when you drink this beverage over the course of an hour.

1. The First 10 Minutes: Your daily limit of sugar (10 teaspoons) are consumed in your body which can make you vomit. Fortunately, the phosphoric acid helps you keep it down.

2. After 20 Minutes: Your body starts turning the sugar into fat and your blood sugar skyrockets.

3. 40 Minutes: Your pupils start to dilate as you have hit your caffeine rush. Therefore your blood pressure rises and sends more sugar into your bloodstream.

4. After 45 Minutes: Your body starts to simulate the same effects as heroin, leaving you in a buzz. However, shortly after you start to have a sugar crash.

5. One Hour Later: You have a boost in metabolism, start having the urge to go to the bathroom, and because of the sugar crash become irritable or sluggish.

The problem is that there is a lot of fructose in a can of Coke. Now you might ask yourself, why this is a bad thing? You eat fruit all the time which also contains fructose. The difference is that unlike Coca-Cola, fruit has fibre, which helps prevent your body from consuming too much fructose. The harsh truth is that this ingredient is also found in many processed foods! So do you and your body a favor – watch what you eat.
You can read more on his blog article here.
Images via Google Images and The Renegade Pharmacist.

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