Betty White Is PISSED About The Death Of Cecil The Lion

After Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion, a beloved figure at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, he angered more than a few people on the Internet. Jimmy Kimmel spoke out on the subject, and now the Minnesota dentist is going to feel even worse…he’s going to feel the wrath of Betty White. In an interview with The Associated Press, White says she’s furious with Palmer.

You don’t want to hear some of the things I want to do to that man.

The 93-year-old actress is a huge animal lover and seems to be disgusted by people who enjoy hunting for sport.

It’s such a heartbreaker. You can’t even talk about it, and to see this king of the jungle and personifying it in every way, this gorgeous creature. How can somebody do that?

Betty White is a firecracker, but it’s pretty hard to get her mad. Way to go, Walter. Way to go.

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