The 10 Commandments Of Dressing For A Summer Wedding

If you’re a 20-something, I don’t have to tell you that weddings, while super fun, can be a huge pain.
I mean, there are the matters of getting dressed up (in a dress that you probably need to go out and buy), paying for travel, buying a gift, sitting through a ceremony, and abiding by a lot of rules – and if all that isn’t enough for you, we’re here to add even more rules into the mix.
Luckily, these aren’t of the annoying (but necessary) turn-off-your-cell-phone variety. These are purely to help you find the perfect outfit for any summer wedding.

1. Thou shalt not wear white.

I mean, you know this. Still, it can be easy to forget when it’s blazing hot outside – wearing white to a wedding is never okay unless the bride says it is, but just be sure to keep this in mind even though you really, really want to wear that cute white lacy number.

2. Thou shalt sweat proof.

Go hard on the deodorant and be sure to add a layer of powder of your makeup. Summer is sweaty, weddings are sweaty and summer weddings are really sweaty.

3. Thou shalt be creative.

You might feel like you have to wear a fancy dress, but summer weddings generally have a more casual vibe. Feel free to style a cute skirt or even a romper in a way that feels dressy enough for a wedding. Of course, you want to be careful with this option – but there are ways to make it work.

4. Thou shalt embrace ‘something borrowed.’

You may feel like nothing in your closet is wedding appropriate, but that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on something. Try hitting up your friends, sisters to even your mom for a dress that will work for any wedding.

5. Thou shalt try an updo.

They look gorgeous AND they keep your hair off your neck. Win freaking win.

6. Thou shalt outfit repeat.

If you have multiple weddings in one season, feel free to wear the same dress to two (or more) especially if different people will be attending them.

7. Thou shalt not wear a strapless bra.

Dancing while wearing one is SO annoying. Unless, of course, you’ve mastered the art of getting them to stay in place. In which case, four for you. (Try our favorite choices for going strapless.)

8. They shalt wear pastels when possible.

They’re romantic and summery. Perfect for a romantic summery night (obvs).

9. Thou shalt wear comfortable shoes.

You don’t want to be in pain on the dance floor, do you? With that being said…

10. Thou shalt not wear flip flops.

Unless you need to for medical reasons, stash those rubber flip flops at home. Even if the wedding is on the beach, consider wearing nicer sandals instead.

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