Wheaton College Canceled Its Students’ Health Insurance So It Wouldn’t Have To Cover Birth Control

Back to school time just got even less fun for students at Wheaton College in suburban Chicago, Illinois. Just before the fall semester starts, the Christian college announced that they were canceling students’ health insurance, affecting about 25 percent of the people on campus. The reason? Because the school is required to cover birth control under the Affordable Care Act.

The Christian college finds birth control “morally objectionable,” and doesn’t want to cover it in their insurance plan. They’ve filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services, and the school canceled their student plans to protect itself in the meantime. The decision doesn’t affect faculty insurance plans.

Student development vice president Paul Chelsen told Wheaton students last week during an information session that the school will provide hardship funding for some students losing insurance.

What has brought us here is about student health insurance, but it’s bigger than student health insurance. What really breaks my heart is that there are real people that are affected by our decision. But if we don’t win this case, the implications down the road in terms of what the government will tell us what we can and cannot do will be potentially more significant. I acknowledge that students have been hurt by this decision and I regret that.


What would you do if your school took away your access to health insurance?

[Story via The Associated Press]

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