22 First Date Thoughts Every Girl Has

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to go on first dates? YUP! We want to live in that world too, but unfortunately, first dates are inevitable, so back to reality. Being that we have no choice but to put ourselves out there if we are looking for love, we obviously feel pressured to look good on first dates and act a certain way too because hey, they go hand-in-hand with first impressions so basically we over analyze EVERYTHING. To be more specific, this is what we’re thinking heading into a first date:

1. What am I wearing?

Guys will never understand the struggle of picking out an outfit…so we won’t even go there.

2. My underwear? So many cute pairs to choose from!

The struggle is real. Don’t laugh.

3. Sh*t, the shoes now.

Sandals? Wedges? Heels? Booties? Decisions, decisions.

4. Where are we even going?

Is he going to wine and dine me or like, take me to his boy’s Frat party?

5. Should I show up late?

Well, if I’m on time and he’s late, then I’ll look like an idiot…so, yeah. I guess I’ll go a few minutes late.

6. What are we going to talk about?

Because there is nothing more terrifying than a dead-silent date.

7. Damn. Is this like…a real date?

First dates are soooo nerve-wracking. Is this like a serious date? Should I act like my crazy, wild self or should I act more conservative?!

8. Do I offer to put money towards the check?

The guy should *always* pay on the first date, but there’s always that awkward moment when the check comes and you’re just like…”ummm…” and then you go ahead and ask how much and proceed by digging in your bag for some money.

9. Are we going to kiss?

There’s no way guys don’t think like this too.

10. What excuse can I use if I’m not interested?

Is it obvious if I tell him my friend needs a ride home and she needs a ride home NOW? Bye!

11. Should I order all of that food?

As girls, we never know what to order or how much to order. We don’t want to be that girl that orders a salad and eats only half of it, but we don’t want to order an appetizer, entree and dessert and lick all of our plates clean either.

12. Can I go there with him or should I wait for the second date?

It’s like how much can you tell this guy about yourself on the first date if you want him to call you back?

13. Can I look at my cell phone right now?

#SeperationAnxiety. Need to look at my phone and answer the 36 text messages from my girlfriends who are asking about my date.

14. Is this guy a player?

Because nowadays, is anyone faithful anymore?

15. Does he make good money?

Is it bad that this thought runs through our mind?

16. Is he packing any heat?

Curiosity killed the cat…but it won’t kill me! 😉

17. How’s this date going to end?

It’s almost easier to walk out of a bad date than it is to walk off from a good one. Like, at what point do you say “lets call it a night?”

18. Do I have to shave my legs?

Any chance a girl gets to not shave her legs…she takes full advantage of. But what if he puts his hands on my leg? Then what? Safe bet to shave my legs then…

19. This guy is super sexy. Why doesn’t he have a GF?

#RedFlag. #EyeCandy. #StayAway.

20. Should I get my nails done?

Is a manicure going to decide if this guy calls me back? Yeah probably…

21. What’s this guys story? When was his last relationship?

We totally aren’t being nosey, but we just need to know when your last relationship was just to make sure we aren’t your rebound.

22. Are my girlfriends gonna dig him?

You don’t want to be that girlfriend in your crew with the boyfriend no one can stand.

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