7 Great Tricks To Mastering Thrift Shopping

I’ve been thrift shopping for a while now, and I can say the clothes I find are way better than anything I’ve ever found in Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. Especially as a college graduate, thrift shopping has become the best option for me because they always have great stuff for cheap prices. Trust me, it’s almost impossible to walk out of a thrift store without buying something.
However, there are still people out there would think they’re “too cool” to go to a thrift shop. I’ve even heard some people say they thought that going thrift shopping may be gross and dirty, but that’s far from the truth. Just because the clothes are used, it doesn’t always mean that they’re covered in filth. (I mean, do you really think they would sell dirty clothes? C’mon!) Thrift stores are truly underrated. These┬ádiamonds in the rough have better quality stuff than some of the popular stores we all know and love.
Believe it or not, going thrift shopping is an entirely different experience than going shopping at a regular retail store. There are a lot of aspects that come with going to secondhand shopping. If you’re a newbie at the whole “thrifting” experience, here are some genius tips to keep in mind if you ever decide to take a trip to your local secondhand clothing store.

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