26 Child Stars Who Pulled A Total Neville Longbottom

Remember Neville Longbottom? The wizard started his time at Hogwarts as the unsure, timid target for bullies with a bit of leftover baby fat and in serious need of an orthodontist’s attention. However, when Matthew Lewis, who played Neville in the Harry Potter films, appeared in that portrait in The Deathly Hallows: Part 2, girls looked at each other and whispered, “Wait…he got hot!” And thus, the term “Neville Longbottomed” was born. It has it’s own entry on Urban Dictionary, so you know it’s legit.

When a non-attractive person goes through puberty and becomes very attractive as a result. First seen on Tumblr and Imgur, this term refers to Matthew Lewis’s battle and victory over puberty.
“Have you seen Lisa since grade school?”
“No I have not, she really Neville Longbottomed. Damn.”

Matthew Lewis didn’t cast a magic spell – he just used puberty to his advantage, and he’s not the only one. Check out these other child stars that started as ugly ducklings but blossomed into beautiful swans.

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