Kristen Stewart Asks Jesse Eisenberg If He's Pregnant In Hilarious Interview

I’m usually not a fan of Kristen Stewart in her acting roles or IRL. Something about her “I’m biting my lip to show that I’m nervous” and seemingly hatred of fame just irks me. However, in this faux interview with American Ultra costar Jesse Einsenberg, she actually shows some humor…and is somewhat likable? It’s true: Anything can happen.
The folks at Funny or Die decided to spoof gender norms and the season of awkward interviews (see: Cara Delevingne‘s Paper Towns fiasco or Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara fielding uncomfortable questions) all at once. Jesse learns what female stars in Hollywood are usually asked about – ya know, generic questions about fashion and if they’re pregnant. Check out K. Stew and Jesse interview each other with the gender norms flipped…and yes, the God-awful mani cam makes an appearance.
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