WATCH: Emma Watson's Important Video About The Fashion Industry's Gender Inequality

Emma Watson has always been known to blow people’s minds. Not only does she has a killer fashion sense and awesome movies, but she’s also crazy intelligent. It’s really awesome how she uses her platform for good and is extremely concerned with making the world a better place. Ever since she founded her latest campaign, HeForShe, she has decided to take a stand against gender inequality within the fashion industry, as well as sexism and racism.
The UN Women’s Global Goodwill Ambassador’s campaign is centered on encouraging a greater union between men and women in the fashion world and bring more awareness to the things that are affecting women like body diversity, equal pay and fair representation in the mainstream media.
In British Vogue‘s recent YouTube video, “Fashion on Gender Equality: A Conversation with Emma Watson,” Watson invited famous fashion designers such as Stella McCartney, Jonathan Saunders and Erem Moralioglu and launched a Q & A to discuss their feelings about the current state of gender inequality in fashion and what they thought could be done to change it.
Check out the full video down below.
[protected-iframe id=”1f8b95feaec9dc7e2a72f8a49d8a81c5-860993-87842603″ info=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
Go Emma! While I agree with Emma that there really has been an improvement in terms of equality in the fashion industry, I still do believe that there still is not enough racial diversity. I also feel that the industry truly needs to have more representation of people of different body types because I think that, due to the fact that they have such a major impact in our society, it is their responsibility to show people of all types and show that it’s alright for people to be themselves and have confidence in themselves instead of pushing unreachable standards of beauty.

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