Attention, English Majors: Turns Out Shakespeare Was Probably A Pot Head

If England in the 16th century was anything like your high school, William Shakespeare would have been hanging out in the parking lot with the stoners. A new study from the South African Journal of Science analyzed 24 “tobacco pipe” segments found in Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon property and concluded Wills was most likely smoking pot. No wonder his writing is so hard to understand…
Of the 24 pieces the scientists were allowed to test, there was evidence of  “Cannabis in eight samples, nicotine (from tobacco leaves of the kind associated with Raleigh) in at least one sample, and (in two samples) definite evidence for Peruvian cocaine from coca leaves​.”
It’s very possible that Shakespeare himself wasn’t using the pipes and that they belonged to someone else, but feel free to use this opportunity to convince your English professor that everyone should light up before writing your next paper. You know. For ~*inspiration*~ and such.

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