Ariana Grande is a Giant Pink Kitten at Tokyo Airport

Ariana Grande greeted her Tokyo fans in an oversized pink kitten onesie—pink fluffy tail and all (I guess if you didn’t have the tail, it’s just a giant pink monstrosity).
Personally, when I fly, I generally go for the leggings, t-shirt, Birkenstocks and hoodie look (I’m very fashion-forward). It’s all about temperature control, you know? I’m not sure how a pink kitten onesie got through security. Did she use the bathroom at all on the flight? Can you even get out of that giant pink onesie without someone helping you? (I hope so because those airplane bathrooms are not made for two.)
Featuring perfectly manicured nails, perfectly-applied cat-eye eyeliner and her hair up in two looped hair buns, Ariana Grande stepped off the airplane in Tokyo like she hadn’t flown at all. Us commoners usually stumble off the plane with our hair disheveled and eyes puffy. Yet, Grande, as a pink kitten nonetheless, traversed this Tokyo airport like it was the runway at New York Fashion Week.
She completed her outfit with a $2,500 Victoria Beckham handbag and black platform pumps. I can barely walk through the airplane aisles with sneakers on. I can’t imagine what it was like walking to back (if she did at all) in platform pumps.
If you have an animal onesie in your closet, congratulations! You were cool before it was cool. Go wear your flying squirrel onesie in public with pride!
Check out the photos in the gallery below.

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