How To Look Exactly Like Kim Kardashian West

It’s all very easy—as long as you have a cool $1,676.72 lying around your house. Last month, Kim Kardashian West and Mario Dedivanovic, her makeup artist, gave a class in Los Angeles on how to achieve Kardashian West’s typical look. Not only did attendees learn how to apply $1,200 of cosmetics to their face, but the duo also gave the audience specific tool and product recommendations. Arabelle Sicardi, a writer for Racked, broke down the whole process into 50 easy steps. 50. Steps. The class attracted, reportedly, audience members from as far as Mongolia. Who knew that people outside of the United States gave a damn about Kim Kardashian West? I mean—yes, makeup is made to be more than just for single-use, but I can’t justify spending that kind of money on a product that is guaranteed to run out. You can get the same colors, tones and pigments from any drugstore and, most importantly, for a fraction of that cost. 50 steps later—you’re going to have to wake up far earlier than 20 minutes to emulate Kardashian West’s makeup. [Story via] [Lead image via]