'Sesame Street' Returns With Five New Seasons

Attention all young adults stumbling through the beginnings of their unwanted adulthood! Thanks to HBO, you can now relive your childhood through new episodes of the children’s educational television program, Sesame Street.
Time Warner Inc.’s HBO, in response to the decline of young people who watch conventional television, announced a five-year deal with the nonprofit educational group, Sesame Workshop—the organization behind Sesame Street. The deal will allow Sesame Workshop to create almost twice as much content as previous seasons. The show will be made free to PBS and its member stations nine months later.
The next five seasons of Sesame Street will be available exclusively through HBO and its streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now.
In addition to bringing back the classic Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop will produce a Muppet spinoff series as well as an original education series for children for HBO.
However, HBO bringing back Sesame Street is not an act of goodwill for nostalgic young adults. The channel is looking to expand its offerings in order to reach a broader audience. HBO, by offering more content for children, strategizes to keep subscribers interested in its streaming services by offering entertainment for the whole family.
If you will excuse me, I need to go curl up on my couch and hang out with Elmo and Big Bird.
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