New Music Alert: Jojo Is Making A Comeback!

Remember Jojo? She came into our lives back in 2004 with her smash hit “Leave (Get Out),” following it up with her single “Too Little Too Late.” And…we haven’t heard from her since. It has been nine years since she’s released a full album, but Jojo fans better get excited because she will be releasing a new album soon.
Jojo’s last album The High Road was released in 2006 and even though she has released a few more singles and EP’s, she never really released another album. The reason behind her delayed album releases have to do with her then record label, Blackground Records, having legal issues about releasing her from her contract.
Now all the legal troubles are over, she’s been released from her contract with Blackground Records and is now signed to Atlantic Records. Under Atlantic, Jojo is not only set to release one single but three!
Jojo announced the news on Instagram sharing the funny Urban Dictionary definition of “Triangle.”
All three singles will be dropping on August 21 so all you Jojo fans out there get very excited for new music. While you wait, listen to some of her throwback tunes!

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