Single's Day, Student's Day and 9 Other 'Holidays' That Should Exist

Every year, we look forward to the holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and New Years — because they’re just freakin’ awesome. Good food, great company and of course…the gifts. We have a love for St. Patrick’s Day too (for obvious reasons!), and Halloween is always fun, but what about all these other should-be holidays that don’t exist, or do, but don’t get the same recognition?
I mean, National Watermelon Day, Ice Cream Day and S’mores Day is celebrated, so why aren’t we celebrating these below?

Single’s Day

Every time Walgreen’s begins to stock their shelves before the dreadful Feb. 14 holiday, we can’t help but to rant about it: Why is Valentine’s Day so widely celebrated, but Single’s Day, which actually occurs on January 11th each year, is not?! It’s total BS and should definitely be marked on our calendars going forward.

World Depression Day

According to the DBSA, “Major depressive disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults…” If we all work together by standing by and supporting each other, imagine what a difference we could make? On World Depression Day, not only will we recognize the illness, but we’d all come together and march in a parade, too.

Godmother’s Day

Technically, Godmother’s Day DOES exist, but nobody celebrates it! Godmother’s are most often celebrated on Mother’s Day, if they even are to begin with, but after some diggin’, we found out Godmother’s Day is actually the first Sunday in June. #Newsflash!

Daughter’s Day

Ever feel like you are splurging for all these appreciation-type holidays, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? Maybe even Grandparent’s Day? Aren’t we just as important?! Why can’t we have a Daughter’s Day?

WIFI Black Out Day

It’s nearly impossible to imagine going a day without being connected to the Internet, but at the same time, it might be something we all need. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No online shopping. Safe to say some of us will just go cray-cray, but it might be worth it!

Pampering Day

You can treat yourself any time you want, but as a national holiday, we’d love for Pampering Day to offer discounts on spa treatments as well as hair, nail, makeup and waxing services. A world where 75% off pampering for an entire day existed? We’re with it!

Student’s Day

There’s absolutely no denying it: Students are bombarded with work on a day-to-day basis. On weekends, it’s the same story. There should be a National Student’s Day where school is closed in honor of all the hard-working students out there trying to make sh*t happen for themselves.

Breakup Day

We have so many ideas on what Breakup Day should be. First and foremost, it should be the national holiday where if you don’t have the b*lls to walk away from an unhappy relationship, it’ll happen on this day. We also feel Breakup Day should include some sort of sympathy presents, too.


According to,  “Ninety percent of teens who are LGBT come out to their close friends.” That statistic right there is huge! Society has become much more accepting of the LGBT community, and although this is true, we can’t forget about the remaining 10%. No doubt about it, society is our harshest critic, so for the ones who need more courage in coming out, maybe a National LGBT Day will help. Yes, they are honored with a Day of Silence (in April) and in June with Pride month, but is that enough? We need something marked on our calendars for this community.

Fee-Free Day

Were you ever stopped from making a purchase because of the fees that came along with it? Or better yet, had no choice but to pay hundreds of dollars in fees whether it was tuition related or having to do with renting a new apartment? Frugal, cheap, or living life paycheck-to-paycheck, you’ll appreciate this holiday if it ever happened!

Discounted Travel Day

If you’re anything like us, mentally we’re in Italy, Greece, Aruba, Miami and Los Angeles within any given day. But in reality, we’re just sitting behind our computers day-dreaming about it all because ticket prices are just wayyyy too expensive, especially during the summer. On Discounted Travel Day, we want it to go something like this: The last Tuesday during the month of May ticket prices drop 65%! Now that’s what we call a holiday!
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