What NOT To Do During A Job Interview

One required class that every college student could use? Job Interviewing 101.
It’s like a first date: You’re nervous, your shoes are slightly uncomfortable, and you’re doing your best to seem interested but not overly excited…except job interviews are usually with a balding, older man or scary woman in stilettos that resembles Miranda Priestly a little too much for your liking. Also, every job interview is different (take it from someone who has had job interviews that lasted anywhere from ten minutes to two hours). Some you’ll feel like you’re killing it and others will have you walking out feeling like you just got kicked. Repeatedly.
IMO, landing an interview is half the battle. Whether you’re interviewing for your first internship, a summer job, or a position at Google, keep in mind these interview DON’Ts. Follow these, and you’re that much closer to landing the dream job (or…just any job).

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