Find Out The Most Popular Emoji In Each State

Folks in Pennsylvania use the most raunchy emoji—like cherry and eggplant icons, if you catch my drift—while the poop emoji is most used in Vermont, according to new data from SwiftKey. The company analyzed more than one billion emoji to determine how people in each state use those tiny characters, and the results are hilarious.
First, take a look below which shows the most popular emoji in each state. Seems like Floridians are fond of the trumpet while Californians are always on the go. Lady Liberty seems appropriate for New York, but why is a ghost the most popular in Oklahoma?
most popular emoji by state
Using an interactive feature on the site, you can choose your state and find out which emoji are used more than any other state. Residents of Nevada and Utah seem to have quite interesting convos…
emoji by state
Check out the website to find out which emoji are the most popular in your state!

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