WATCH: You Will Never Look At The Political Candidates The Same After This Hilarious Bad-Lip Reading Video

Praise America! We finally have some political comedy to laugh about other than Donald Trump’s toupee and racist remarks.
Let’s admit it, if you’re not an avid political debate viewer, you’re probably bored to tears by the end of the drawn out ordeals. Some of it might seem like… gibberish, right?
Well, in true American fashion, we’re making light of the very important task of finding a new President for our country. Some genius created a hilarious video with voiceovers that make the serious politicians appear as complete idiots and we can’t stop laughing.
If you want to watch Jeb Bush and Donald Trump say things you never thought would come out of their mouths, take a look at this video. After all, who doesn’t want to watch uptight politicians say things like “she pooped on the treadmill,” argue over childhood snacks, and sing ridiculous songs with odd lyrics.
Warning: you might spit out your coffee while watching Dr. Ben Carson giggling while trying to figure out a puzzle at his podium…even if you aren’t drinking any.

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