TBT: 10 Hip-Hop Tracks To Flashback To Middle School Dances

Let me preface this massive throwback with a quick story. When I studied abroad in Florence, Italy this summer, my friends and I would head out to the clubs on the weekends. Expecting a playlist of strictly Italian songs present, past, and future, we prepared ourselves for the musical cultural shock. We rarely understood what people were saying to us during the day, we weren’t expecting that to change solely because the sun went down.
Except, well, the musical culture shock never happened. It would seem that Italy was musically frozen in 2005. Some might find that problematic. Say, what do you mean the Italians didn’t play Avicii? Trust me, you don’t need bass drops and screeching synthesizers (no respect to the instrument the way these demigod DJs play them these days) to have a good night.
No matter the evening, the theme or the mood of the club, it was throwback after throwback, evoking only the best of feelings. Don’t even get me started on when they played Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” in the presence of many, homesick New Yorkers.
Nostalgia does weird things to people. I mean, think about it. For example, you’re driving in your car and, for whatever reason, a track from your pop-punk/emo days shuffles onto your radio. Suddenly, you’re gripping the wheel, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs, alarming every driver around you.
And maybe your Mom.
However, this playlist is all about hip-hop hits from the 00s. I’m talking about the songs that would come on at middle school dances and would spur an explosion of awkward grinding amongst your peers and a flurry of teachers flying from the sides of the room to ensure that there was a Bible’s length between the kids (even if you went to public school).
You’re now really old now (it’s been around 8+ years since these songs were released), so dance with no room for Jesus and get down with your bad self.
Listen to the playlist below via Spotify!
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