The Top 20 Characters On Pretty Little Liars, Ranked

Let’s band together, Pretty Little Liars army – I know you’re in serious withdrawal from every girl’s favorite show ’cause I’m feeling it too. In the spirit of missing one of the greatest gems ABC Family has ever produced, (oh, who are we kidding? It’s definitely the best thing to ever happen on that network. (Sorry, Secret Life Of The American Teenager) Now, let’s talk PLL characters.¬†We’ve just received news that Jenna and Lucas will be returning for season 6 and my immediate reaction was….”who cares?”
Honestly, there are a million and four reasons I continue to watch this batsh*t show but neither Jenna nor Lucas factors in there at all. Rosewood has some interesting characters but these two? They don’t make the cut. Let’s talk about those that do, though. Here are the top 20 Rosewood residents: a definitive ranking.

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