27 Reasons We’re Counting Down the Days of Summer

Right about now, it’s that time again.

Because we are used to rotating seasons, when we’re hibernating indoors because there is six feet of snow outside or because it’s 12 degrees out and there’s absolutely nothing you can put on to shield you from the cold, there are very few things running rampant through our minds, but two of them for sure are sun and sand.

But before we know it, we get exactly that. Sun and sand. And after months of enjoying the warm weather, which eventually becomes intolerable, we get over that too.

Thankfully, one month from tomorrow marks the beginning of the Fall season, but in our minds, summer is officially over once the school year begins and honestly, that can’t come soon enough.

Here’s why:

1. We can’t wait to see all of our out-of-town friends who we’ll reunite with at school.

2. We’re over getting sun burned.

3. New school year = new wardrobe.

4. We can’t wait to snuggle up in our favorite over-sized sweaters.

5. It’s time for a new fling.

6. It’ll finally be acceptable to stay inside.

7. We finally won’t have to shave our legs as much.

8. Or get a pedicure every week.

9. We’re probably most existed for Pumpkin Spice Lattes though, to be honest.

10. We can’t wait to finally get ready and make it to our cars without being drenched in sweat.

11. We’ve been stressing over our bikini bodies since May, so it’s about that time we’re f*cking over it.

12. With that being said, we’re excited to skip the gym a few days a week now too.

13. We finally get that hour of sleep back we can desperately use (aka Daylight Savings Time).

14. Once September rolls around, we know our favorite holidays are coming up.

15. UGGS and sweats!!! Need we say more?!

16. We’re over going to the same rooftop parties every week.

17. Our laundry is cut in half.

18. We can finally go out and not be bombarded by crowds of underage kids.

19. Football season is soon to be in full swing. Tailgate party anyone?

20. Over the mosquitoes.

21. We will finally be able to tame our hair for the first time in three months.

22. We’re over all of these restaurants summer specials and very much so looking forward to everything squash and pumpkin-related.

23. After sitting on the beach all day, we’re tired from doing nothing…just drained from the sun. We are looking forward to being more productive.

24. Constantly applying lotion to our sun-kissed skin is getting annoying now.

25. When you wear sandals out for the night and then you come home with black feet…over it.

26. We can’t handle the all-white look any longer. When’s Labor Day again?!

27. We need new music in our lives. These summer anthems are getting old to us now.


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