31 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Writer

You got the players, the possessive ones, the geeky ones and the overly affectionate ones. These people might also be doctors, teachers, engineers or sales reps. Whatever it is: Love happens.

But when it happens with a writer, make sure to take these 31 things into consideration:

1. We don’t punch in at 9am and call it quits by 5pm. Just doesn’t work that way.

2. In true Taylor Swift form, when you break our hurts we will write about it, have it published and post it everywhere.

3. But when we’re on good terms with you we’ll write you sweet nothings because we can.

4. Writers are curious people who ask a lot of questions.

5. Writers are passionate people.

6. We are also creative people.

7. All a writer needs is a computer and wifi…and boom! Welcome to our virtual office.

8. We don’t make good money, but like we said in #5, we’re passionate about what we do so it doesn’t really matter.

9. We make the most of the money that we actually do make.

10. When we’re inspired, we have to write. Right then and there.

11. So we never leave the house without our laptops.

12. Writer’s block is very real. Get ready to deal with it, too.

13. We show our work to others for constructive criticism so we don’t want to just hear “Oh that was good!” or “That’s not the best piece you’ve ever written.” Elaborate, please!

14. Just because you’re a writer, that doesn’t mean you’re a content writer of all things under the sun. We have fortes too you know.

15. Writing as a profession is not as easy as you’d think.

16. We turn into the Punctuation Police and Grammar Guard so don’t text us “Wat r u up 2?” because we won’t answer.

17. We take rejection well.

18. We either can’t stop writing or can’t get started.

19. You can’t tell us to skim what you wrote without analyzing every little detail. It just doesn’t work like that for us.

20. We “write drunk, edit sober” just like Ernest Hemingway.

21. Writing is therapeutic to us sometimes.

22. Our written skills are better than our verbal skills.

23. We’re organized people with an elaborate plan.

24. We’re on WordPress just as much as you’re on Facebook.

25. Sometimes the hardest decision we’ll have to make all day is choosing between coffee or wine.

26. We are horrified when you can’t figure out if it’s a comma, colon, semi colon or period.

27. We’re very observant.

28. And wise with our words.

29. We mean what we say and say what we mean.

30. Deadlines are more important than date nights.

31. Our writing assignments often get in the way of our plans.

31. But we don’t care. It’s writing > plans. #SorryNotSorry.


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