Chipotle to Hire 4,000 New Employees in One Day

Let me put it out there: I don’t quite understand the hype around Chipotle. I mean, I will admit that their guacamole does temporarily convince me to convert my religion to Chipotleism, but then I look at how much I spent for their guacamole and we return to square one. You can find me at your local Chipotle angrily throwing out my receipt in the trash.
Perhaps you joke with your friends, saying something along the lines of “I spend so much time here—I should get paid to be here!” Well, my dear reader, you’re in luck. Chipotle announced today that it will be making a new effort to hire 4,000 workers—all in one day. Given that the restaurant chain recently raised the prices for their steak and barbacoa burritos you’ll need the extra cash.
September 9 has been named Chipotle’s National Career Day, meaning that on that day, every Chipotle restaurant in the country will be holding special hours for job interviews. Each restaurant will have open interviews for 60 applications between 8 am and 11 am before opening for customers. You can register for a spot via Chipotle’s website
Restaurant experience is not required to be hired by Chipotle. The restaurant chain hires based on 13 characteristics, including respect, high energy, enthusiasm and curiosity.
Chipotle released a chart of its salaries and the benefits of holding various positions within the restaurant chain. The chain promises that the highest levels made six figure salaries.
You may be wondering why Chipotle is pushing so hard to hire 4,000 new employees. The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that there’s a shortage of workers in restaurants such as Chipotle, Starbucks and McDonald’s. This means that these types of restaurants are fighting each other in order to get the best employees in the job market. In order to compete, these restaurants are offering higher wages (like Chipotle), tuition reimbursement programs (even for part-time workers) and, of course, company discounts.
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