10 Reasons Why Every Student Should Take A Theater Class In College

Taking a theater class isn’t only for those who want to make a career as a Broadway actor or a Hollywood movie star, every student should at least take one theater class in college, IMO. I took a theater class my freshman year of college. Although at first I thought this liberal arts class was a waste of time, but as time passed, I realized how much I enjoyed it. I even ended up taking more theater classes. Still not aching more the stage? Check out these skills theater can teach you.

1. Being On Stage Builds Confidence

Speaking in front of people is a huge fear many people have, but what better way to get over stage fright than a class dedicated to being in front of a crowd? Every project and presentation in your other classes will be a piece of cake.

2. It Teaches You How To Work Well In A Group

Being in a theater class is like being part of a community – you have to work together in order to make a community better. Theater involves taking responsibilities, solving problems creatively, and accepting team challenges.

3. Theater Cultivates Creativity

Theater gives you a chance to be someone else and live in a different space and time. It gives you the chance to escape reality (which we all need once in a while).

4. It Helps Develop Tangible Skills

While taking a theater class, you improve in skills such as voice, movement, painting, sewing, design, makeup, set design, hair, and so much more.

5. Acting Helps Relieve Stress

Your normal college classes can get stressful at times, but theater can help you release that tension. Some acting exercises require you to tap into your real-life emotions, so you can use any stress about an upcoming exam or assignment and put it into your character. Make that character come to life!

6. You Learn Improvisation

The thing about theater is anything can happen at anytime. While you’re on stage performing a scene, you may forget your line and have to ad-lib. Theater helps you think of solutions on the fly, which might be useful during a job interview or sorority recruitment.

7. You’ll Practice Projection

In theater, projecting your voice is a must and breathing from your stomach is essential. Projecting helps with the volume of your voice and it comes in hand when you have to give a presentation for your other classes (or just get someone’s attention at a crowded party).

8. Vulnerability

For those of you who are shy, like myself, getting on a stage may be something that you never want to do. However, performing in front of strangers has a way of making you get over those crazy self consciousness feelings you have.

9. You’ll Make New Friends

Taking a theater class gives you a chance to meet new people from different walks of life. While I was taking theater classes in college, I’ve met so of the most interesting people in my life with whom I still keep in touch to this day.

10. Theater Changes You For The Better

Taking a theater class was a great decision for me. Besides learning a lot about myself, I am more confident and open minded about things.

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