An Exclusive Update On One Direction From 2025

One Direction is taking a break come March. All the 1D fangirls are clinging to that word, “break,” but I’ll tell you what I told my friend when she and her (now ex) boyfriend went on a break: It’s over. The chances of the boys embarking on solo projects only to reunite after a year or so is slim to none. As with every great boy band, there comes a time to end, and they’re just trying to let us (and themselves) down easy.
But what does the future hold for Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, and yes, even Zayn?
The honest answer: it looks bleak for most of them. Except you, Harry – you’re going to do big things.
We looked into our crystal ball to see how the guys of 1D spend their post-boy band years.

At the 2025 MTV VMAs, all five members of One Direction will reunite during Harry Style’s performance before he accepts the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. They use the show to announce their joint reunion tour with Dream Street and Hanson.

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