16 Stock Photos That Make Absolutely No Sense

There will always be a need for stock photos—there’s no getting around that. It’s fair to say that the photographer won’t have any idea who will need specifically what, but in order to reach as many people as possible, he or she is going to need to set up photoshoot of some pretty bizarre things.

Sometimes you’ll be perusing about the Internet and you’ll come across a stock photo that just makes no sense. Literally none. Just when you think you’ve recovered from the sheer hilarity of over-expressive men and women surrounded by produce or acting strange in nature, you take yet another gander and throw yourself into painful hysterics once again.

The true beauty of stock photos is that, like I mentioned above, they always make you laugh. As the school year approaches, you need some good procrastination material.

I present to you: 16 stock photos that, truly and genuinely, make no sense whatsoever.

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