26 Thoughts You Have After You Realize You're His Side Piece

It’s that point in your relationship that you hope to never ever come to, but after trying to establish exactly where you stand with your man or why all of a sudden his phone is dead by 8pm and he’s unavailable on most weekends, it’s inevitable. You’ve thought about it before but were too naive to believe it. Then all of a sudden it hit you like a sh*t ton of bricks: Holy f*ck. It’s true. You’re his side piece. And the feeling of finding out is equivalent to taking a swift kick right in the gut. It sucks, but it’s real. And unfortunately, it happens often…to the pretty girls, the good girls and the girl-you-can-take-home-to-mom type, too. If its happened to you, you’ve had these thoughts running through your mind after finding out: 1. How the hell did I not realize I wasn’t his one and only? 2. I always said I wouldn’t be THAT GIRL, but f*ck. I turned into that girl. 3. Why is he doing this to me? 4. Why is he doing this to his girlfriend? 5. Well Johnny Depp thinks: “If you love two people at the same time, [you should] choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” So should I give him an ultimatum? 6. Please excuse me while I torment myself with his and hers Facebook and Instagram page. 7. She’s so ugly! WTF?! 8. I’m going to inbox her right now and tell her I been sleeping with her man. 9. How f*cking dare he?! 10. So all those trips he went on with his “guys”…he probably went on with his girl. F*ckkkk. How can I be so stupid?! 11. But he tells me he loves me. I’m sooooo in denial right now. 12. I wonder what he was really doing all those nights he told me he was “going to bed early.” Ughhh. 13. Whatever. I just won’t pick up his calls anymore and I’ll go find myself three side dudes to fill this hole in my heart. 14. Or maybe I’ll just look for a real man this time around. 15. I lost all respect for him. And for all other guys too. 16. Maybe he lost it for me after I gave it up so easily. 17. We wouldn’t be in this situation if his main chick gave it up to him to begin with. 18. He’s not marriage material anyway. 19. This is why I want to be single. F*ck all these douchebags. They’re all the same. 20. But…ughhhh. I’ve really fallen for him. Does it seriously have to end?! 21. What if he breaks up with his girl for me? Do I trust him? Should I let it go? 22. How many other side chicks does he have? 23. Is this going to turn out to be some Tiger Woods-type sh*t?! 24. Now I have to get tested for STDs. I will f*cking *kill* him if he passed something on to me. 25. My girlfriends were right. How am I going to tell them they were right? Holy sh*t I feel like a jackass now. I don’t even want to tell them. 26. But they’re my girls. I have to tell them!!! [Image via Shutter Stock]