Chipotle Might Be Delivering To Your College Campus

Your prayers have been answered. You can now have those amazing burritos from Chipotle delivered right to your dorm room during those days when the food in the caf is really not cutting it and you’re not in the mood to stand in any huge lines.

Chipotle has announced that they are going to partner up with mobile ordering service, Tapingo. Right now, Tapingo will be allowing Chipotle to be delivered to six colleges: Louisiana State University, University of Southern California, California State University Chico, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University. Not on it? Don’t be disappointed yet, guys, because this fall, Tapingo is going to start delivering to 40 more schools.

The only downside to using Tapingo is that depending on where your school is, you could get hit with an extra fee. The loophole to this whole thing would be the use of Club Tapingo feature on the site. Club Tapingo users would receive the $2.99 delivery fee and should have an expected time of delivery within 25 minutes. In addition, Club Tapingo users are able to receive discount on delivery fee, invitations to special events, and exclusive offers.

Ultimately, this is a really great thing for all those Chipotle obsessed people out there. It will definitely make those late night study sessions in the library 100 times better.

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