PSA: Justin Timberlake Is Coming Out With A New Concert Film

It’s official: Justin Timberlake is back! This not a drill, people. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seriously missed Justin. It felt like right after his last album he completely disappeared off the face of the Earth (I guess he did have a baby or whatever), but Justin teamed up with Academy Award winning film director, Jonathan Demme, to get the last 20/20 Tour date in Las Vegas on film for all those who missed their chance to see Justin up-close and personal on tour last year. Entertainment Weekly has reported that the film is set to release in theaters this fall.
Jonathan Demme has described the film as “a space age music film” and also added,

There’s tremendous dancing in this piece…he’s got an extraordinary band called the Tennessee Kids. Huge horn section, two lead guitars, two drummers, eight dancers, four exquisite background singers.

I don’t think I need to hear anymore. I was sold as soon as I heard it has anything to do with Timberlake. Just take my money.
I can hardly wait to see Justin in action. The official release date of the film has not yet been said, but ladies, keep an eye out because this definitely happening sooner than you think.

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