Pregnant Woman Makes Video To Find Vacation Fling, But Is It Real?

Can a viral video help bring two lovebirds who met on vacation together? That’s what Natalie Amyot is hoping. The woman from Paris had a one night stand while visiting Australia which left her pregnant, and now she’s trying to track down the baby daddy.
In the video, Amyot claims she experienced “love at first sight” when she met a blonde Australian man at a party on the last night of her vacation. Unfortunately, Amyot says she lost her phone and the mystery Australian guy’s number. Six weeks later, she found out she was pregnant, allegedly due to this vacation fling. Oops.
Instead of support on her search, the comment section on the video is full of hate for her lack of precaution. See some of the comments below.

Never heard of the pill or condoms? Why would anyone have unprotected sex with a stranger? FFS at least use the pill!
you are very cute and very stupid
don’t spread your legs next time, no child support for you!

Just one thing – we have our doubts that this video is even legit.
Natalie Amyot’s channel was created just two days ago and this is the only video…which just happens to be monetized. Somehow the video was picked up by news stations out of all the videos on YouTube. Hmm…maybe because someone was trying to get more attention on their video?! Furthermore, Natalie’s Facebook page, which is no longer available, was created the same day as the video.
We’re calling shenanigans. But we already watched it. Darn!
But, hey, if it’s for real, we hope you find each other and live happily ever after.

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