College Students Are Now Smoking Weed More Than Cigarettes

It’s official. For the first time, college students are ditching cigarettes and smoking more weed. According the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research’s study, 2014 became the first year that college students preferred Mary Jane over tobacco. The national survey found out that 5.9 percent of college student were smoking weed daily, which has increased compared to the 3.5 percent of students from 2007. Researchers have predicted that this increase stemmed from the recent legalization of throughout the United States in addition to college students recognizing the negative effects of cigarettes have on your health. Other research has also established that marijuana is truly safer than tobacco and alcohol. Even Obama agrees. It’s also extremely difficult for somebody to overdose on weed. On the downside, while students are ditching cigarettes altogether, they have begun increasing their use of other forms of tobacco such as hookah and e-cigarettes, which are still just as bad as the real thing and can even be considered worse. Just consider the consequences before lighting up, kids. [Story via] [Lead image via]