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Move Over Mariah: T-Pain Can Actually Sing


t-pain can actually sing

I’m rarely struck dumb by the music world anymore. I mean, between Tyga’s track “$timulated” and Miley Cyrus’ entire career, there’s very little that can happen in the music world where I’m rendered speechless.

Generally, when you hear the name “T-Pain,” you have horrible war flashbacks to the time where “Bartender” was a hot single. You’re also barraged with the auditory memory of the man’s infamous autotune.

2006 was a dark time, indeed.

At the Los Angeles Dodgers game this past Monday, T-Pain took to the field to sing the National Anthem. However, instead of the screechy, aggravating autotune that we’re so accustomed to hearing coming out of that man’s mouth, the crowd in attendance was literally blessed by God. Last Monday, my friends, T-Pain proved us all wrong. It turns out that the man¬†actually¬†can sing.

You can watch and listen to the performance below via Youtube. I’ve been laughing at the fact that the announcer found it necessary to introduce the man through his achievements – as if his name didn’t carry enough weight.

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