There's A Scottish Woman Who Is Literally Angelina Jolie's Twin

There are celebrity doppelgängers, and then there’s this girl. Chelsea Marr is a Scottish woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to, I don’t even have to say it, Angelina Jolie.

The spitting image of the A-list actress and director has gained Marr over 40,000 Instagram followers, but she’s not a model or Angie’s body double. In fact, Chelsea works as an operations manager at an oil and gas recruitment company and has not done work to look like Angie. She says,

I have had lip fillers yes, not to look like anyone else but just because I wanted them a bit fuller just like all the other women that have also had theirs done. I had an operation on my nose a few years ago too however this wasn’t a cosmetic procedure this was because as a child I broke my nose (quite badly) and therefore had complications with it and still do unfortunately. Lastly I did have a breast augmentation yes, but again this wasn’t to try and resemble anyone, this was purely because I had absolutely nothing there before and it was something I was insecure about for years.

Check out some of Chelsea’s photos, and just try to tell us that she’s not Jolie’s long lost twin.

Someone please remake The Parent Trap with adults starring these two…

[Story via Buzzfeed]

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