This Girl Quit Her Full-Time Job To Manage Her Dog

Imagine having a stable career after graduating college and suddenly giving it all up to do something crazy, like managing your dog. That’s right, Leslie Mosier did exactly that. She gave up everything to pursue her passion of making it big with Doug the Pug.
Doug The Pug’s fame all started upon Leslie’s pursuit of fulfilling her life long dream of owning her very own pug. According to the Huffington Post, Leslie says, ”¬†I had wanted a pug since I was thirteen years old, always printing out photos of pugs to put in my locker or paste on my Mom’s bathroom mirror so that she would hopefully get the hint.”
Whatever she did eventually worked out for her because now she’s working full time to get Doug’s face plastered all over the internet. Leslie says she used her public relations skills that she picked up from previously working at a record label, managing social media and being an assistant to various artists, including¬†Mat Kearney, Mayday Parade, and Five For Fighting.
After applying her job skill set to Doug’s career, Brian Koerber from Mashable agreed to help get Doug the Pug’s face out there. From there, Mat Kearney, Mayday Parade, and Five For Fighting Doug’s Instagram fame took off as he was featured on Cosmopolitan, TIME, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily. Ever since, Doug has been crushing the social media game and meeting tons of celebs. In short, this pug and his manager are more famous than probably any of us will be in our lifetime.
“As hard of a decision as that was, it didn’t take much for me to realize that building the brand of Doug the Pug was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Leslie. “With the blessing of my parents and the encouragement of my friends, I made one of the hardest but most rewarding decisions of my life by ending the security of a set monthly paycheck.”
Now if only all of us can make our pets famous on Instagram so we can all avoid trying to land real jobs. We’ll be lucky if we can make it as big as Doug the Pug.
Check out some Doug the Pug photos here:

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